Innovate, Work Hard and Help Others

BlueSleeves, a Colorado LLC, provides product innovation and execution support to business leaders and teams.  Founded by Cynthia Corne in 2004, BlueSleeves meets the demands of the competitive technology product development arena.

We are pleased to partner with Steve Spearman from Swift Ascent.  Steve works with software development and enterprise clients, regularly conducts training through ScrumAlliance, and is also available to work on teams with Ms. Corne.

In addition to Steve and Cynthia, BlueSleeves has a network of adept professionals who embrace our client-centered values and can be called upon to round out our team.

About Our Name

Prior to settling in Colorado, Cynthia Corne grew up in the rural Midwest.  There she was part of farm communities and family who regularly rolled up their chambray blue sleeves to work hard, be inventive, help others, and persevere.  Professionally, the BlueSleeves team is part of the tech industry where a blue shirt and khakis were the “uniform” to also work hard, deliver value, and persevere.  We welcome the opportunity to bring this spirit and rigor to our clients’ priorities.